We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors at the Cycle Hub & Cafe, a single storey building set in the 3 acre grounds beside Okehampton railway station on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. This building is just opposite the pedestrian walkway from the station.

Arriving and Parking facilities

If driving, there is a low bridge just before the entrance to the car park 10.3 feet. The station has parking facilities at cost should your vehicle be too high for bridge. This will involve about 100mtr walk along road with protected walkway, under bridge to the Hostel. There is ample parking for cars at main entrance. One marked bay for disabled parking and drop-off is possible at the entrance.

All dogs, including Guidedogs, are welcome

The cafe is well-lit with wide corridors between the tables. The floor is light-colour non-slip flooring. There are no steps, just a slight slope to access the cafe from external paved area.

Till Area: low level counter which is well-lit with darker flow and contrasting walls

We will be adding Large Print menus to standard menus available. But in the interim cafe staff will explain the menu and advise on any alternative options.

Public toilet:
From the main entrance to the public toilet, there is level/slight slope access ramp. The route is 900mm wide, or more.
The toilet door is 880mm wide.
The direction of transfer onto the toilet is to the left.
There is 600mm at the side of the toilet. There is 600mm in front of the toilet. The toilet seat is 485mm high. The toilets have handrails.

Visual Impairment:
We have contrast markings on all glass doors, contrast markings on all full-height windows and colour contrast between walls and doorframes. Colour contrast furniture in the public toilet.

Cycle Hire Options:
– two low-step through trikes
– one bmx style trike
– one e-trike
– two additional back support seat will fit all mission trikes
– foot pedals with straps will fit all mission trikes

Staff training:
some staff have disability awareness training.

If you have any specific questions about access, please call us and we will endeavour to help.