Cycle Hire

We have a cycle fleet that can accommodate all types of user. Our main brands are Giant, Liv (part of Giant), Mission (trikes and trailers) and some traditional Bobbin bikes. One of our two cycle technicians will assess your requirements and suggest which bikes might be most suitable and customise the settings for your height and reach. Our Cycle Technicians both hold Cy-Tech qualifications so you can be certain that you are in good hands. 

Cycle Hire is now closed for the winter season.

From the Easter Holidays onwards we are open daily 9 to 5pm.

On a wet miserable afternoon with no bookings it is possible that we will disappear early so it’s worth giving us a call to check we are there.

For large groups hire is always possible by prior arrangement

Please call ahead to confirm our opening times and to check availability of bikes, as on occasion we may be fully booked for certain sized bikes.

Contact the Bike Shop on 01837 650907

Adult Full Day Hire

£17.00 (Standard bike)

Child Full Day Hire


Giant Electric Bike Full Day Hire

£35.00 (including Helmet and Lock)

Mission E-trike full day hire

£35.00 (including Helmet and Lock)

Mission E-trike full day hire

£35.00 (including Helmet and Lock)

Childs Tag-along Bike attachment


Childs Piggyback Trike attachment


Childs Chariot attachment


Dog Chariot attachment


Helmets, Padlocks

£3.00 per item

cycle fleet



Our bikes for Children are all Giant bikes, mainly 24″ wheels, 8 gear Rigid style bikes with cable brake system. Depending on the height, some children may be better with an Extra-Small Adult Giant Bike, which has 27″ wheels.

Child bikes


We have a range of different style bikes for Adults that cover different levels of cycling, from gentle rides along the cycle trail to all terrain riding. The main fleet have two styles: Giant Mountain Bikes, with frames sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large. Most are 27.5″ wheels, 16 gear Hard-tail (Front Suspension) bikes. Our Giant Liv style bikes are easier to mount, as they don’t have a high cross-bar, but also come with 16 gears Hard-tail with Hydraulic brake systems. The size of bike that you hire will depend on your height, inside leg and reach.

In addition there are a few traditional Bobbin Bikes which have a cable brake system.

We also have two types of Mission Trikes for those that prefer a different type of ride. One is “low-step” through, so suitable for those that have difficulty mounting a standard bike.

There are also two styles of Giant Electric Bike (Giant and Liv) as well as one Mission Electric Trike for those that wantv to try a different style of ride. These all require pedalling, as the motor just assists the cyclist. The range for these e-bikes is typically up to 35-60 miles, depending on the type of terrain, mode of use and the stature of the cyclist.


Giant Liv Bike

All Terrain Bike



the Bike Shop on

01837 650907


Adult bike with Tag-A-Long Trike

Adult bike with Tag-A-Long bike

We offer a Family Discount ticket for families of 4 (two adults, two children), please use the online booking tool to purchase.

We offer are different options for families:
those children that don’t cycle yet you can either hire our bench seat style transporter, with safety harnesses to secure two children or hire a baby chariot that can also be attached to either the Giant Bikes or the Giant Liv bikes.

Alternatively, for those children that are confident and are learning to cycle we have tag-a-long trikes and bikes that can be attached to either the Giant Bikes or the Giant Liv bikes. Please note that these cannot be attached to the electric bikes.



Offers a discounted rate for family of 4 (Two Adults and Two Children bikes)

Child Carrier Trike

With bench seat with harnesses for two children.  

Adult Trike with lo-step Frame

For people who find it difficult to mount a traditional bike, why not try the Adult trike, as this frame doesn’t require lifting your leg when climbing on. Also a useful back trailer to carry your day pack. 

Mission RV Child Transporter

Hire of Mission Trike with a bench seat behind with straps that will hold two young children under 5 years old.

Adult bike with baby chariot

For those with youngsters that cannot ride a bike or sit on a tag a long trike/bike then this is one option. It comes ready fitted to our bikes and can only be used with our hire bikes.

Mission Adult BMX style Trike

This trike is suitable for Adults and teenagers and can be fitted with a back support seat and pedals that hold feet in place for those that require additional help.