Family Cycle trips – tips for your day out

Cycling with Children

Excitable, inquisitive, curious lovers of all things new & fun! Mini versions of you, that soak up every new bit of information like a sponge! What could be better than their very first bike ride!

Whether your children are teeny tiny & can enjoy a ride in a baby chariot towed along behind you, or they’re old enough to sit up with some balance & pedal on a tag-along attachment… children are sure to enjoy the exhilaration of bike riding!

The breeze blowing against their little faces, the landscape rushing by, the sights & sounds of being outdoors in nature & all whilst spending some lovely quality time with you.

Improve your fitness

Boost your positive mental attitude, and your toddler’s – cycling can help to relieve stress

Interaction improves your bond with your toddler

Travel around town for free

Introduce a healthy activity to your children while they are young

Do something together in the fresh air as a family that’s free and fun

Other News

GWC Defibrillator Campaign

We’re working with OKEHAMPTON PADS (Public Access Defibrillators) to raise funds to install a new defibrillator on site here at Granite Way Cycles, as the